Rampant Cheating In Online School: Another reason why the “tests” will be a major admissions factor

By College Counseling, SAT ACT Test Prep

“Yes, we know.”  So said an admissions official from an elite college on a podcast related to admissions during Covid.

The question was: ” are you aware of grade inflation, particularly when cheating has become so rampant in online school?”

The official followed up by noting that “in the past, standardized tests have been one way to measure applicants from different school systems with similar GPAs and that while no one would accuse someone with a high GPA and low test scores of being a likely cheater, we would at least have some objective data to compare applicants.”

The admissions officer was non-committal publicly about the weight that the SAT (and ACT) will have on college admissions going forward.  But our off the record conversations with college admissions officials has led to a distinct answer: the tests will matter, particularly for students from affluent suburbs like Shoreline, CT, Fairfield County Connecticut Westchester County, New York and Northern New Jersey.

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