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The Learning Consultants PSAT-SAT-ACT Mastery Seminar

 Overview:  This course is designed for juniors preparing for the PSAT and both juniors and seniors preparing for the SAT and ACT.  We urge you to ask your trusted sources about the course.  It is generally considered the best test prep training in our geographic area.

PSAT-SAT: Other companies create confusion for business purposes by creating PSAT courses and then suggesting that students also need to take an SAT course.  The PSAT and the SAT are essentially identical tests.  There are format differences (the SAT is longer) and mild content differences (the SAT has more advanced math).  Nonetheless, the best practices training for each is identical.

SAT-ACT: Similarly, other companies create separate SAT and ACT courses with the hope that customers will purchase both classes. The two tests are now so similar in content and format that the best strategy methodologies for each test overlap almost entirely.  Moreover, many students should take both tests.  Your student-child will get training in both tests for half the expense that other companies charge since most require two separate courses.

Daryl Capuano, founder of The Learning Consultants, will teach the course.