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Daryl Capuano

Hall High School
West Hartford, CT

Hall High School - West Hartford CT

– Located at: 975 North Main Street, West Hartford CT 06117
– West Hartford, CT Standardized Test Scores
– West Hartford, CT CAPT Scores – CT State Average CAPT Scores
– Math: 269 – Math: 253
– Science: 279 – Science: 260
– Reading: 270 – Reading: 244
– Writing: 278 – Writing: 262

– West Hartford, CT SAT Scores – CT State Average SAT Scores
– Math: 546 – Math: 508
– Verbal: 548 – Verbal: 504
– West Hartford Middle School CMT Scores by Grade

– West Hartford, CT 4th Grade CMT Scores – CT State Average CMT Scores
– Reading: 68 – Reading: 0
– Math: 71 – Math: 0
– Writing: 76 – Writing: 0
– West Hartford, CT 6th Grade CMT Scores – CT State Average CMT Scores
– Reading: 75 – Reading: 0
– Math: 76 – Math: 0
– Writing: 76 – Writing: 0

– West Hartford, CT 8th Grade CMT Scores – CT State Average CMT Scores
– Reading: 76 – Reading: 0
– Math: 71 – Math: 0
– Writing: 74 – Writing: 0
Hall High School Mission Statement:
William H. Hall High School, through a commitment to excellence, promotes academic achievement along with intellectual, artistic, social, emotional, and physical development of each student in a safe environment conducive to learning. Our programs recognize diverse student backgrounds, interests, abilities, and learning styles. Our curricula challenge students, stimulate creative and critical thinking and promote the pursuit of lifelong learning. We actively involve the community in a variety of ways. Finally, we encourage students to be well-informed and responsible citizens who are prepared to respond independently and innovatively to a rapidly changing world.
Hall High School, West Hartford CT Civic/Social Expectations:

Students will:
• develop the interpersonal teamwork, communication, and leadership skills needed to function in
diverse and rapidly changing settings
• develop and maintain behavior that promotes lifelong health
• become informed adults capable of responsible decision-making and independent action
• be able to identify and access services in the school and community to address their social-emotional
• develop respect for the varied intellectual, physical, cultural characteristics present within themselves,
peers, and the school community
• voice dissent in appropriate forums
• contribute in a positive way to the larger community
• develop awareness of global issues by recognizing the plurality of cultures, societies, and beliefs
• understand and demonstrate the rights and responsibilities of a citizen in a democratic society

Hall High School, West Hartford CT Academic Expectations:

Students will:
• comprehend, interpret and evaluate a variety of texts (written, audio, and visual)
• effectively communicate by developing/applying reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills
• develop goal setting, problem solving, decision-making, and critical thinking skills
• apply research and study skills to a variety of sources
• engage in realistic and reflective self-assessment
• develop solutions to authentic problems
• be proficient in use of technology to enhance learning, increase productivity, and promote creativity
• differentiate between theory and practice
• examine how individual ideas, belief systems, geography, technology, and economics interact
• prepare for post-secondary endeavors
• apply knowledge and learning across the curriculum and beyond the school setting
• develop techniques that demonstrate creativity, presentation, and performance