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Westchester County NY

The Learning Consultants have moved into Westchester.
Contact: Kathleen Brigham

The Learning Consultants have been the tutoring source for over 15 years in Connecticut and are now bringing their expertise to Westchester.

Our tutors are not just skilled in their area of expertise; they are highly motivated and caring people.  Their goal is to connect with students and find ways to reinforce the skills and materials they are teaching.  Most importantly, their goal is to make students independent learners so that they can take what they learn in tutoring sessions and apply it to their school-work and beyond.  Often, this means thinking outside of the box and presenting information in a different way.  Sometimes a student benefits from a more visual approach, often material needs to be broken down into smaller bits or a step by step approach is needed to understanding the material; whatever the case, our tutors create and find those avenues to make learning possible.

Our tutors come to us with strong but varied backgrounds, making them engaging and interesting people.  But they all have one thing in common; they are passionate about helping students learn and interested in making learning interesting.

Meet Our Director – Kathleen Brigham

Kathleen Brigham, Director of New York, has recently been named Director of Fairfield and Westchester Counties.

Kathleen graduated from Middlebury College and went on to complete a Masters in Educational Administration from Columbia Teacher’s College. She worked as an admissions director for grades K-8 at the Dwight School in New York City and during that time taught art history and grammar classes.  Kathleen then moved to London, where she started tutoring at the American School in London in St. Johns Wood. Wanting to have more of a background in special education, she completed the Beve Hornsby Diploma in Learning Differences that taught the Alpha to Omega program. During her time in London, Kathleen also co-founded School Choice International, an education consulting company that counseled families looking for schools both in the London and Tri-State area. She also taught ESL to foreign business executives and homeschooled children of actors who were abroad for stints of time.  Kathleen also teaches creative writing to middle school aged children and works as a writing coach for students and adults alike.


I wanted to thank you so much for taking the time to speak with me. I really appreciate all your incredible insight into the process and schools. I was so excited to share all my new found knowledge with my partner as well. The most helpful point you raised is “you are shopping for schools, you get to choose.”  That has really helped with the amount of anxiety I was feeling.”
– Vanessa, Westchester County, NY

“Keira has been amazing!”
– Sally, Harrison, NY

“Thank you so much!!!!  We are so thrilled!  It was great working with you…”
– Melanie, Fairfield, CT

“I loved Keira.  She inspires a ton of confidence and she spoke to my son in a language he understood.”
– Miranda, Scaresdale, NY