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Why Our Teachers Are Different

Best teachers in Connecticut

The Learning Consultants retains top teachers with reputations built in our Connecticut communities.

Why is that different and why does this matter?

Most tutoring franchises in Connecticut have teachers that meet two criteria: 1) They are smart, as demonstrated by either top colleges they attended and/or top grades from college and, 2) They are willing to work for little money.

For the most part, such tutors come from the college or graduate school pool of applicants. Most of their tutors are not teachers and/or do not have much teaching experience.

While many are bright, they usually do not have the experience to teach at a high level. In addition, almost all the tutors from such organizations are not interested in teaching as a profession. They view tutoring as a part-time job to last a few years while they finish up grad school or whatever current situation they are in that requires them to make extra money.

When it comes to quality control, the problem with franchise teaching is simple. Quality varies due to vast human differences. Since the teachers leave so frequently, there is no way to properly judge the quality of a franchise location.
For example, if it was the case that a certain Princeton Review location had a great teacher a few years ago, the location would get an excellent reputation. Turnover, however, would suggest that the teacher would likely have left by the time your child enrolled. The new teacher might be good — or might not.

At The Learning Consultants, our teachers are long-time members of the community, many of whom are teaching in our local Southeastern CT school systems. They care greatly about their reputation for top-notch teaching quality.

We became aware of the current members of our teaching staff because they already had excellent teaching and tutoring reputations in Guilford, Madison, Old Saybrook, Old Lyme, East Lyme or other locations from Branford to Stonington.
Once we heard of a promising teacher or were told by credible sources that the teacher was outstanding, we further screened and hired once we confirmed their reputations were warranted.

We are not simply “hopeful” that the people we hire will be great. We know they will be great because they are already outstanding teachers.

That’s the teaching difference with The Learning Consultants. And that’s why our reputation for quality tutoring in Shoreline and Southeastern CT has far surpassed other organizations.

Top Teachers and Tutors in Shoreline, CT Seek Out The Learning Consultants

Over time, as the reputation of The Learning Consultants has grown, we have been fortunate to get the pick of the best teachers and tutors in the Shoreline and Southeastern CT area.

In any given week, we receive multiple applications from teachers and tutors across the New Haven-Middletown-Stonington, CT spectrum.

There are numerous reasons for this good fortune. We have already retained top tutors from Guilford, Madison, Clinton, Westbrook, Old Saybrook, Chester, Essex, Old Lyme, East Lyme, Waterford, Mystic, Groton and other Connecticut towns. Other teachers hear that we have a different tutoring philosophy than other franchise tutoring organizations. We treat our teachers exceptionally well. We manage the administrative part of the tutoring work and let our teachers do what they want to do: teach math or writing, or whatever it is that they can tutor best.