Attention Parents of Connecticut Juniors: Yes, your child’s college applications will be done by the end of THIS YEAR

By College Counseling

As I have started our college counseling for Connecticut juniors with greater intensity, one constant has emerged:

“I am shocked that high school is almost over.”

The pandemic hit when high school juniors were in their second half of freshman year.

The pandemic was in full form during sophomore year.

The pandemic has been a roller coaster during junior year.

Apathy set in last year.

That’s a challenge for any age but it is devastating for those who are coming of age.

When young people are not striving, they get depressed.  They have not built anything of significance… yet.  So in their not fully formed lives, not striving means not building and that leads to stagnation at the worse possible time.

We can help get them reengaged. 

Look at the calendar. 2022 has arrived.

When will juniors in high school finish their college applications?  By December of 2022 and many will be done far earlier due to Early Action and Early Decision.

The pandemic will end.  Life will still go, as it always has, in this case with the end of high school drawing near.