College Counseling Connecticut – 2022: The college transition and why it matters so much

By College Counseling


One of my favorite clients from East Lyme lamented the fact that her older son had attended a college where his peers were uninspired.  “He has so much potential. But he has been hanging out with guys who mostly smoke weed, play video-games, and then go to parties from Thursday-Sunday. Her son pulled a 1.6 G.P.A. She wanted to avoid this challenge with her younger son.

Peers affect all of us but young people far more so.  Here’s an example that won’t be met with delight from many: community college has proven to be ineffective for the vast majority of students despite the theoretical benefits of attending college inexpensively and then transferring to UCONN.  I have mounds of anecdotal evidence but also was privy to an internal state report that drew much the same conclusion.  The reason: the students, by and large, are uninspired and so, by and large, uninspired each other.  To those who object based on the outliers that you know…. well… sure there are exceptions.  But odds are that attending community college or colleges known more for partying than for academics will lower motivation because the students are not as motivated.

The transition to college is the most important life transition for most 18 year old Connecticut students.

Transition to a college where your child will be inspired.

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