College Counseling Connecticut: Gaining admission to top colleges

By College Counseling

We help all college counseling clients find the right fit for their child.   We do not push our college counseling clients to seek out top colleges.  But we happen to be quite successful at helping those who have such goals.

During the past year, we have helped students gain admission to every Ivy-league college and many of the colleges that are equal in ranking or close enough to being equal to Ivy League schools.  Why has The Learning Consultants been so successful in college counseling in a year where many top students have reported how hard it was to get into top universities.  The first reason has nothing to with us in the present but rather our reputation in Connecticut.  Families with top students find us for college counseling.

In East Lyme High School – which has 20-30 extraordinarily strong students every year – The Learning Consultants usually works with a dozen or so for college counseling.  We have noticed that our ability to market these high achieving students has been our secret ingredient.  They are the ones who had top grades and scores but many were not sure how to position themselves within a competitive subjective landscape.

Subjective factors have become more critical in determining admission at elite universities.  Understanding our client’s stories and then ensuring that they can develop activities to support the story as well as convey their story effectively in essays (and some interviews) have led to our clients gaining admission to highly ranked colleges.