College Counseling during the Post-Pandemic Year

By College Counseling

The Learning Consultants has been immersed in meeting with college admissions officials during this post-pandemic year.

We are here to provide top college counseling, as always, but we are certain that the need for college counseling is more abundant this year than ever.

Most importantly, despite the various noise around the expense of college (which is true noise!), college is still the best youth to adult transition option for most everyone from suburban Connecticut.  Having worked with this population for the last twenty years, we can assure you that the other options – which are potentially very good for some are simply not a fit for most students from places like Guilford, Madison, Old Saybrook, Old Lyme, Essex, East Lyme and other Connecticut suburbs.   When we suggest the trades or the military, which are the two most viable options for most, we usually get resistance from the student (and often the parent).  Entrepreneurship or just getting a job that could lead to a career are the other options. Again, neither option is particularly attractive for most.

Of nearly equal important, where one goes to college matters enormously. Those that tell you otherwise are foolish.  To be clear, we are not referencing prestige – although this does not matter – but rather the various factors that alter one’s life: who we meet, where we live, and what we study all matter a great deal.  Getting the college choice right will have a profound effect on your child for the next four years.  That’s hard to argue.  But the effects – their friends, possibly their spouse, where they live post college, and, of course, their education – all have lasting effects for years – indeed decades – to come.

Getting outside guidance on a decision of enormous consequence makes sense.

We would love to help.