College Counseling for Connecticut Parents and Students: Juniors time to start the college process

By College Counseling

“I wish we started last year….” another parent said as she left our Old Saybrook office after a college counseling session.

Year after year, I have heard some parents lament that they should have started college counseling earlier.  But this year – obviously due to Covid – this is the most common comment I hear in our college counseling sessions.

Given that Connecticut – particularly Shoreline and Fairfield County Connecticut – contains highly educated parents who are very interested in the college process, I wonder what the rest of the country’s parents are doing about the college process in 2021.

For most suburban Connecticut kids, college is “the” turning point in the child-adult transition.  As I tell our college counseling clients, there is something fundamentally different about this transition than every other one you’ve been: you are moving away from home!

Whatever happened between elementary school and middle school  and middle school to high school pales in comparison.

Planning makes the process healthier, happier, and more successful.

I’ve never heard a parent say: “we started college counseling too soon.”