College Counseling For Connecticut Students: Why the college experience transforms children into young adults

By College Counseling

Maggie was a quiet young lady from Essex, Connecticut.   Attending Valley Regional High in the 2000s, she would later relay that most of her classmates wouldn’t recognize her if they saw her today.  She’s right because I didn’t recognize her.  She had taken an SAT class way back when and when we met a few years ago for career counseling I had to be reminded of that fact.  The confident mid twentysomething that I met seemed nothing like what she described about herself in high school

Maggie relayed how she came into her own in college.  She lit up as she discussed how she “found her people”, became immersed in activities, and loved her classes.  College was not only the best time of her life but the experience transformed her.

The caterpillar-butterfly metaphor with the cocoon of college is more common than people think.

For students in small towns such as Guilford, Madison, Old Saybrook, Essex, Old Lyme, East Lyme, Waterford, and Stonington, Connecticut, among other Shoreline locations, the college experience exposes them to the world in a wonderful way.

If they get it right – and that’s what our college counseling is designed to do- then college is magical.

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