Connecticut SAT Schedule

By SAT ACT Test Prep

I am asked a great deal about SAT and ACT schedules. All Connecticut public school students have to take the SAT as part of graduation requirements.  Most are giving the test in late March.  This SAT is could be the one that students use for college admission.  But based on last year, it is not likely to be the main test.  Why?  First, it does not include the essay.  If a student will apply to any college that requires the essay, then she will have to take the test again with the essay.  Second, due to distraction or being around friends or perhaps not taking it as seriously since it is in school, my anecdotal observation from last year is that most students did not have their optimal score in school.

So what should your child do:

Take the SAT in school.

Sign up for the May SAT through the college board.

Many students should also consider taking the ACT in April.

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