Connecticut Suburban Students: Your SAT scores can only help you

By SAT ACT Test Prep

Aleutians from Alaska (more commonly referred to as Eskimos) do not need to do as well on the SATs as do white students from Connecticut.   Coming from an impoverished area will also be advantageous compared to a wealthy one also gives an admissions advantage.

So how are those who do not have an ethnic or poverty hook stand out? Do better on a test that is given to students across the country. Despite the blather from critics, the SAT is one of the more fair parts of the college application process.  As I’ve written elsewhere, grades – due to grade inflation – are becoming less significant for some colleges to distinguish excellence.  “Excellence in activities” has always been subjective – hard to separate the accomplished trumpet player versus the accomplished soccer player – and recommendations/essays and so forth are clearly subjective.

Good SAT scores are a weapon in your college admissions arsenal.

Maximize your test scores.