Despite noise to the contrary, college makes all the difference for job security. The pandemic has proved this to true.

By College Advice

I’m an ethnic kid from NJ public schools.  So I’m hardly elitist.

Given that approximately 40 million Americans had their jobs disrupted (laid off permanently or temporarily) during the pandemic, the fact that not a single one of my close friends lost their job is statistically highly unlikely.

But there is a cringe-worthy elitist explanation: my close friends attended college and a disproportionate number attended top colleges and graduate schools.

While there certainly were “white-collar layoffs”, the overwhelming majority hit those who did not attend college.  If there ever was doubt regarding the value of a college degree, Covid 19 has made the case irrefutable.

My guess is that most of our clients in Guilford, Madison, Old Lyme, Essex, Old Saybrook, East Lyme and other Shoreline towns have the same experience of not knowing the economic devastation on a personal level.

There is increasing statistical evidence regarding the economic value of a college degree.

Expensive yes.  But like all good investments, over time, college pays off.

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