Early Action and Decision Results Coming This Week

By General Education Advice

One of the better parts of our college counseling and SAT-ACT prep work is hearing the wonderful results from our students.  Many Connecticut students will be hearing about their Early Action and Early Decision results this week.

The success stories provide some lessons for parents of high school juniors.

(1) Almost all those who were admitted Early Action/Decision started both the college counseling and SAT-ACT prep process with us earlier than most.

(2) Most of our successful clients had their college admissions test scores in good shape at the end of junior year.  This enabled them to make sensible decisions about where to apply to early without having to wait for their results of their fall SATs.

(3) The majority of our Early Action/Decision successful clients had strong test scores. When colleges are choosing who to admit first, SATs and ACTs matter a great deal because they will offer their first admits to those with higher scores.

(4) Many – if not most – realized that January of junior year should begin the kick-off to college season. Waiting until the spring to visit colleges does lead to warmer visits but very little time to see colleges while in season.

(5) Most planned out an effective college admissions strategy with us so that they were aware of where to apply early.

As I tell my students, learn from the lessons of those who were successful before you.