East Lyme High School in Connecticut

By College Advice

We live in an area with many strong public high schools.   East Lyme High School has consistently stood out to me as producing some of the smartest and most well prepared in our region.  Perhaps one of the original reasons was that Pfizer would unofficially recommend East Lyme as the town to live in when Pfizer was relocating so many of its management and scientists to the area.  Thereafter, East Lyme became perhaps the most diverse town on the Shoreline.  That quality – distinct from the Pfizer connection – led to attracting those from other areas and other countries (most of whom are educationally motivated) to settle in East Lyme.

The good news for those who live in East Lyme is that your children are competing against the best and brightest.  The bad news is that your child’s class rank (even if unofficial, colleges will unpack) might be lower by the mere fact that so many smart students coopt the top 10%.

The solution for most East Lyme students has been to work with us for test prep.  By scoring highly on the SATs, which many in East Lyme do, they can compensate for what might be an artificially low class rank.   We are always delighted to have East Lyme students join our test prep classes.