How to Prepare for the SSAT essay–A little practice goes a long way!

By Writing Training

Although not scored, the SSAT Essay matters!

Schools receive the essay along with the scored results.  And admissions boards read the essay to learn more about the way a student thinks and writes.

So, students prepping for the SSAT should always include time to prepare for the essay–by learning about the format and strategies and practicing with sample prompts.

Because the essay requirements differ slightly on each SSAT level, it’s important to practice with the right prompts.  Elementary and Middle level essay prompts always require students to respond creatively.  The Upper level, however, gives students a choice between a creative and a persuasive writing prompt.

Even a little practice before the test day can make a notable difference in outcome.  Especially for students who struggle with creative writing.  In my work with The Learning Consultants, I’ve seen many students make notable gains in writing quality in minimal time.

As one middle school student from Old Lyme, CT recently shared after our first session, “I’ve never been able to write this much before and this quickly!”