Junior Year: This Back To School September Is Different

By General Education Advice

This will stun many Connecticut parents of high school juniors.  Next year, at this time, your current high school junior will be working on his/her college applications. Some will know where they will apply Early Action and Early Decision.

“I’m so far behind” is a phrase I hear from parents who call for college counseling.  I assured this caring mom that she wasn’t behind anything compared to the majority of the country.  Connecticut, particularly in our intense Guilford through East Lyme part of the state, is filled with parents ahead of the game.

But, of course, NOW is the time to immerse yourself in the college process. Ensure that grades, test scores, and activities are in place so that when your children know what colleges interest them, they will be able to stand a good chance at admission. Set up a time to really plan the college process. Create a game plan to start college visits.  And get ready for a transformative year!