Math: Needed for STEM careers, needed for business careers, and needed throughout one’s academic career

By General Education Advice

“We are not really being taught,”  Alexa began.  The teacher shows us videos.  We are supposed to learn on our own and then work together in class.  The teacher is supposed to answer questions but we now all think that she doesn’t really know the subject.”

Twenty years ago, when I started The Learning Consultants, I would have been stunned.  Connecticut has among the best schools in the nation. Indeed, if it were not for the terrible state of our city schools, Connecticut schools – with Shoreline, CT and Fairfield County, CT leading the way – would be number one in the nation.  Connecticut’s schools are still very good but…. and I really, really really do not like saying, but the state of our education has dropped dramatically, perhaps no where more so in math.

The reasons are multifaceted.  I’ll lead with the most obvious: those who are good in math used to consider teacher as a viable career path.  Now…. well…. if you have a great math teacher… give him/her a big “thank you”.  Know that they have turned out far more lucrative possibilities that there math skills could bring.

The challenge for our students is clear: they are not learning math nearly as well and we are now in a global labor market where students across the world.

We can help.