We motivate Connecticut students

By General Education Advice
Teenage boy using laptop and doing homework
Motivating high school students is what we do best

I was recently interviewed by The Hartford Courant.  I met the author about a decade ago as she has been an education journalist in Connecticut for years. She asked about “our magic”.  Why is that The Learning Consultants has such a cult fan base?  Whenever I speak with parents about your company, they seem to get this mystical look and gush out how we changed their children’s lives.

I wrote Motivate Your Son several years ago because it represented the most unique aspect of our work. We motivate young people to make the most of their potential. I focused on sons because boys are facing an epidemic of underachievement.

We train our core teachers in the art of motivation. Having an outside force that a young person is mentored by makes all the difference.  It is why our tutors are different.  It it why our company has grown to become the largest private education company in Connecticut.