Parents: Yes, get involved with your children’s SAT preparation

By SAT ACT Test Prep

We all know the overly involved sports parent and those in theatre know the overly involved theatre parent.  While there certainly are parents who are overbearing in relation to academics, it has been my observation that the number of parents who are heavily involved with sporting teams and some other activities dwarfs the number who are immersed in their children’s academics.

There are – surprisingly -not that many parents who are involved with their children’s test scores.  They may have bought into the myth the scores “are what they are” (not true, students can improve their SAT/ACT scores dramatically), that colleges find the scores less important than in the past (slightly true because of test-optional schools, but completely untrue in relation to most colleges, particularly top colleges) and that they should let the kid study on their own (sorry – doesn’t happen – the unmotivated students simply won’t and the motivated kids are too busy).  The actual participation in online programs is dismal.

PSATs are a month away.  positive and offer them help.