SAT Prep: Best way to begin the college conversation

By SAT ACT Test Prep

Test Prep ConnecticutDue to Covid, you have been around your teen far more than most parents have been with their teens in the past. This is either a very good or very bad thing!  Or both.

One thing I know for sure: college planning has been limited.  Something about a global pandemic that prevents people from planning for the future!

But the future happens regardless and college – for most – is coming faster than you can believe if you have a high school junior.

How fast? Look at the January 2022 calendar.  By the end of 2022, your child will have fully applied to college and may even be locked if if he/she applied early decision.

“Whenever I want to talk about college or the future, my son either blows me off or tells me don’t worry about it.” A mother said a few years ago in relation to her high school junior at Lyme-Old Lyme High School.

Liam came to our SAT class with that vacant look of “why am I here?   During my opening lecture in SAT class, I discuss the future in ways that most students either haven’t heard or haven’t paid attention to before.  When Liam came home, he asked his mom if they could discuss visiting college. His mom immediately e-mailed me to express her delight. “I hope his SAT scores go up. But just making him think about the college made this the right SAT class for us.

Begin the college conversation.