Shoreline, CT Parents: SAT Prep Class for the Digital SAT

By General Education Advice

The New SAT is here.  And while we have worked with several iterations of the SAT, most were not that different.

This time… the changes really are different.

Most significantly, the test will now be on a computer.

This matters.  A lot.

There will be certain strategies related to “computer adaptive testing” that only those who prep will understand.  (Hint: the computer adapts its difficulty level as the student answers.  Harder questions are worth more points)

Moreover, the types of verbal questions are almost entirely different and the math questions – while still “math” – have a different emphasis.

I just gave a presentation to Daniel Hand High School in Madison on the subject. I hope to see rising juniors from Essex, Old Saybrook, Old Lyme, East Lyme, and anywhere near our Old Saybrook office take our in person class.  All others I hope will attend our virtual class.

Contact me for details.