Digital PSAT/SAT Time!!!

By General Education Advice

Summer is ideal for PSAT and SAT Prep.

The test is going digital for those who will be juniors next year.

As such, your children have an enormous opportunity to be on top of the new format.

Here’s why this matters: I have been working with international students who had to take the digital test.  Several scores in the 1500s after having scored in the 1200s on the pen and paper PSAT as sophomores. What happened?  I would like to take full credit for my teaching math and verbal content.  I’m sure – and hope – that a chunk of their improvement came from simply more knowledge during our prep sessions.  But I also know – and they confirm – that they had an enormous advantage over others who had not prepared for the digital format.

We will be running an SAT Prep class in Old Saybrook, CT this summer.  If you are from the Shoreline, Connecticut area, this would be the class to consider.

We will also be running an online class for all those from any area that The Learning Consultants serves.

Contact us to learn more.