The Gap Year During College: At least have a plan

By College Advice, College Counseling, General Education Advice

While I am a perpetual optimist, experience has taught me to adapt my optimism to forces beyond my control.  I will no longer drive during a snow storm.  I will take precautions if forecasters suggest that hurricanes may hit and I will take seriously notions like the pandemic will stop colleges from opening in the fall.  The latter hits close to home because my freshman year daughter loves her college experience.

We have been focusing our gap year advisory process on students who are high school seniors.  Traditionally, the gap year only concerns those who are taking time between high school and college.

Now, the gap year is relevant for most every college student who wants the full college experience and views the distance learning experience lacking and, of course, ridiculously expensive for what it is.

Suffice to say, parents of college sophomores, juniors, and, even seniors ought to consider taking next year off.

If help is needed to devise a plan, we have the expertise and we are here to help.