The SAT and ACT: Take as many times as possible

By SAT ACT Test Prep

Connecticut high school juniors should take the March 9th SAT administered by the College Board.  I realize that many students are waiting – or were told to wait – until the April in-school SAT given by all public schools in Connecticut.  But that makes no sense.

The SAT has score choice and super scoring, two options that were not available back a decade ago.

Score choice enables students to choose which scores to send.  So, if a student took the March, April and June SAT, the student could choose not to send the dates where the test scores did not go well.  Obviously, taking the test multiple times gives the student an optimal chance to score high.

Super scoring is the process through which colleges take the highest score in verbal and the highest score in math on any of the tests. Students still must submit entire test – so you can’t go to sleep in a section – but the scores that will count for admissions evaluations are only the highest one in each area.  So, for example, a student who has a high verbal score in March and a high score in April will be evaluated on those two scores.  Again, taking the test multiple times is advantageous.

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