Connecticut Parents: Do not bury your head in the sand regarding college

By College Advice

One of our Old Saybrook friends stopped the conversation that a few parents were having about college.  That suited me since I am immersed in college counseling and would prefer a different topic during a party.  But her response concerned me: “I don’t want to think about it.”  Her daughter is a junior.

I sympathize for my friend as I know she is lamenting the thought that her daughter, an only child, will be leaving home.  I know.  I felt the same way with my son and now have similar emotional pangs related to my daughter.  I, too, might be a mess after my third child goes off.

But unless you want your child to stay home with you forever – which I do understand! – then you must do what is necessary to ensure that they have the best chance to get into colleges of their choice.  Meet with us for college counseling and start SAT prep.  Those are the best things you can do now.