We are “emotional intelligence” coaches during the college process

By College Counseling

As early action and early decision results come in, I get many kind notes and calls from our college counseling clients as well as our past tutoring clients.   Of late, one comment has been consistent; “We went through the process in a much more emotionally positive way than we would have without you and members of The Learning Consultants.”

The college process was tough enough pre-pandemic.  The pressure of transition is acute.  The elephant in the room is that the child is leaving the nest and that feels heart-wrenching from a parent’s perspective and anxiety provoking from the child’s perspective.  Neither will be articulated.  Both are subconscious drives.  The result is that stressed comments become angry or upset comments.  Even good parent-child relationships are challenged.

We are a buffer.  If we are working with clients related to college guidance, then you don’t need to say (for the 20th time!) “have you looked at college book I bought?” Or have you done your Algebra II homework? Or what clubs are you going to join?  We ask the same questions, in slightly varied form.  But we are outside professionals.  So the emotionality is removed.

Our help seems particularly valuable in our affluent Connecticut suburbs where stress is high to transition well.

We feel mission driven in this regard and our happy to help.