Yes, college is a big deal.

By General Education Advice

“Is this really a big deal?”

I answer this somewhat rhetorical question in our SAT-ACT Mastery Seminar when addressing the significance of the college process.  Yes. I explain and then relay that I was one of those semi-rebellious teens who did not automatically follow my parent’s directives. I needed to know “why”.

“College” is a big deal.  For 18 year olds, it is likely the biggest deal of their lives.  And, even crazier, I think outside of marriage and children, it ranks up there as the “biggest deal” of most people’s lives,

Why?  Students – and defensive parents – think I’m going to discuss the rankings of college and its impact on careers and life.  That’s a something but not the reason why it is such a big deal.

You are moving away from home.  For most 18 year olds – living in suburban Connecticut – college is the transition to adulthood.

That is a big deal.