2017… Around the corner as are college applications

By College Advice

When 2017 arrives, your child is applying to college “this year”

For Connecticut high school juniors, the joys of the holidays will soon be replaced by college madness.  During our SAT-ACT Mastery Seminar, I tell our students that start in January something that makes them look up in shock: you will be applying to college by the end of this year. 

That’s right – if you have a high school junior – they will be applying to all their colleges by the end of 2017.  Since the students are juniors, most parents have the mindset that they will be applying next year – when they are seniors – to college.  Not so! They will likely take their SATs in the spring of this year.  You will likely go on college visits in the next few months.  That all seems like “this year”.  But college applications will be complete by November for most students applying early action and early decision. That is “this year”.  Moreover, even regular decision applications are due in the first part of January so most every student completes all their applications in December – again – “this year”.

How to be ready: the biggest burden for most of the Shoreline, Connecticut students that I’ve worked with through the years is the SAT (or ACT).  Start early.  Join our January class if possible.  This makes students ready for both the SAT and the ACT in the spring. Meet us for college counseling. Visit colleges over February and April breaks.  Whatever you do, don’t wait. As soon as January 1 arrives, your child is applying to college “this year”