The $96,000 Summer Job

By SAT ACT Test Prep
SAT scores lead to college money

“THANK YOU!!!’ The volume was actually higher than all caps can convey.  Sean’s dad bellowed as he breathlessly explained that Sean, a senior at Guilford High School, had been awarded a $24,000 per year scholarship at the college of his choice. Sean remembered my conversation with him the year before. “You told me that taking the test prep class could be a great summer job.  I never thought it would. lead to $96,000!”

Sean’s father, like many parents, had used our college counseling session to try and figure out how to pay for college.  An increasing amount of our college counseling work has been focused upon finance.  I was about to write “financial aid” but as my fellow Connecticut parents likely know, most everyone along the Connecticut shoreline will get little to no financial aid.

Merit aid, on the other hand, is a different issue.  Connecticut students regularly get merit aid.  The call from Sean’s dad, while not typical in volume (!), has been fairly typical in results.