College Counseling Connecticut: I am not the parent…. that’s a big advantage

By College Counseling

I am not the parent… so my advice is brilliant 🙂

“He’ll listen to you.” Cindy noted as we laughed – again – about how her son would follow my guidance but not his mom’s, even though we generally agreed about most everything.

Recently, a guidance counselor from a local high school along the Connecticut shoreline noted that several students seemed to think that I was a guru of sorts.  Of course, I relish such strokes to my ego but I fully know that a large part of college counseling advice would also be given my some of the smart and well educated parents in Guilford, Madison, Old Saybrook, Old Lyme, East Lyme, Essex and other Southeastern, CT towns. 

My secret to success; I am not the parent of your child.  I can get your child to do what they should… and what many of you already know they should.. be doing.