College Counseling Connecticut: Marketing Your College Application

By College Counseling

Marketing The Student As A College Admissions Product

Ugh… just writing those words makes me uncomfortable.

I am an idealist, a practical one but nonetheless someone who left the practice of law to follow my calling into educational counseling to help others. Telling students to figure out how to best “market themselves” is not something I relish doing but feel compelled to do so as someone whose work is designed to help students gain admission to college. 

And, fortunately, I have always been good at “marketing” others.  Perhaps because I genuinely like people – and rally for my clients – I can find areas that distinguish even the most “typical” Shoreline, CT students.

When I work with seniors in the college counseling process, the marketing is mostly related to college essays. 

When I work with juniors in the college counseling process, the marketing often relates to deepening a particular activity. 

When I work with sophomores – which is ideal but more rare – we can sketch a course of action that will lead to planning how to creating activities that will sell them.

In doing so, the idealist in me can’t help but say “I want you find something authentic….” And it would be great if the activity helped people.