College Counseling For Connecticut Students: Finding the right environment

By College Counseling

“Jake is coming home.  He fell in with the wrong group and he basically failed out.”  Jake’s mom had called in relation to sorting out how he could regroup. “I know you cautioned us…”

Jake’s mom remembered our last college counseling session when she relayed that he had chosen a particular college known for its party atmosphere.  Yes, most colleges have temptations but this is one of those colleges that makes the Top Ten Party School lists year after year.  Jake had been in some trouble already at Guilford High School in Guilford, Connecticut for his… indulgences.  Sending him to an environment with professional partiers seemed like a recipe for disaster.

The phrasing: “he feel in with the wrong group…” struck me as odd but it made sense.  It was more common to use that phrase in relation to high school only a decade or so ago.  Now it seems that falling into the wrong group at college has become more prevalent.

In our college counseling sessions, we have to educate both students and parents on the differences between college environments.   Choosing the right college environment can make all the difference.

We can help.