Congratulations to Guilford High School

By General Education Advice
Guilford High School

As I have been working with students for over 15 years along the Shoreline, I have great pride when students from our local school systems do well.  I’m particularly happy to see that Guilford High School was recently ranked as one of the top high schools in Connecticut.

When I first moved to Connecticut, I moved to Guilford.  My wife worked at The Women and Family Life Center.  I was still a practicing attorney but I was highly interested in education.  I suggested creating an SAT class at the Women and Family Life Center.  This was in 1999.  I had taught SATs in Washington DC and in Philadelphia during my undergrad and law school days.  But I had done so for other companies.  This was the first SAT class that I designed.  In a very distinct sense, The Learning Consultants was born in Guilford, Connecticut.

Through the years, I have been happy to work with students from Guilford.  And, I’m happy to see Guilford ranked so highly.  The town deserves the honor.