Connecticut High School Juniors: PSAT results are back

By SAT ACT Test Prep

The PSATs are back. Connecticut high school juniors will suddenly note that “it’s getting real.”  Parents feel the same way.

In working with students in the CT shoreline through the last two decades, I’ve noticed some common themes when the PSATs come back:

  1. Some parents and students will note the importance and significance of both the SAT and the college process.  They will figure out how best to prepare and start as soon as possible, often in January, after the holidays
  2. Some parents and students will know the importance and significance of both the SAT and the college process but will do the worst thing that someone can do when faced with anxiety, put it off.  These parents and students will typically contact us in mid-spring with panic.
  3. Some parents and students don’t care that much, either rightly so because they are heading into a non-college option, or because that’s just the way they are.  Their options become limited and, if they ever contact The Learning Consultants, it is for some rescue option.

For most, our class is the best place to start, followed by individual tutoring for some.  Regardless, now is the time to kick into gear because the college process just did get real.