Connecticut Juniors: Our SAT class is the best way to dive into the college process

By SAT ACT Test Prep

Our mission is to help young adults reach their potential.  This has always meant “human potential” but the practical goal for most students is gaining admission to college of their choice. Again, I take pains to assure students that the goal of our company is to ensure that students can choose where they want to attend college, not simply gain admission to the most elite school possible.

That’s the main message that I convey during the motivational lectures I give to start classes.  “You will soon realize that your whole life is changing and that you will want to control that change.”  I always see students in our Old Saybrook and Madison classes nod their head.  Many have that moment of recognition that they will be moving away from home soon.  The hope is that they use the SAT-ACT class as the foundation to take control and reach their potential.

Our SAT-ACT Mastery Seminar will be the kick-off to college for many of our students.  I clarify that the process is not so much about maximizing scores to attend maximum ranked colleges.