Connecticut Parents of High School Juniors: 2018 Will Be A Momentous Year

By General Education Advice

I am finishing up my work with high school seniors.  I am reviewing their college essays and applications, advising on the final decisions regarding where to apply, and answering questions from nervous parents and students about their test scores.

Those that started 2017 out with focus are in great shape.  Most started test prep in the Winter with our SAT-ACT Mastery Seminar and then added individual test prep tutoring.  Many started their “kick-off to college” initial college counseling session sometime in January.  They took the year seriously as they realized that right now they would clicking submit for their final college applications.

Some are scrambling and/or disappointed that they did not prepare more vigorously.  They put off test prep until too late. They now realize how critical SAT scores are for most colleges in relation to not only admission but also merit aid money.  They heard somewhere – usually on a college tour – that colleges look at candidates “holistically” with test scores being only one part of the equation.  I’ve written about this subject elsewhere.  The bottom line: while true in a literal sense, such statements are entirely misleading.  Students without major “hooks” (athletic recruitment, VIP, underrepresented minorities) do not gain admission to top colleges without top test scores.

Parents: let’s make 2018 go well for your children.  Feel free to call 860 510-0410 or e-mail to discuss.