Connecticut state schools require strong SATs

By SAT ACT Test Prep

“UConn will be her back-up” so said a well-educated mom from Guilford, CT.  The mom attended Miss Porter’s 30 years ago.  Going to the University of Connecticut or other Connecticut state schools was “unthinkable” in her words.  The mom was not as snobby as she sounded.  We were in a private conversation.  She was speaking matter of factly.  So I had to show her the facts:

Her daughter’s junior year SAT scores had been super scored to an 1190.  Her grades were in the A- range.  Years ago, these numbers would make UCONN a back-up.   Now, her SATs are lower than the norm and grades were – as crazy as this sounds for those who are not aware of grade inflation – not necessarily enough to offset her lower than average SATs.

UCONN’s attractiveness has radically increased.  That’s good news for alum and fans of the school.  But it is not great news for those applying, The standards are increasing and SAT scores are vital for admission.

Off the record, I have heard 1260 is needed for most students.  There are different numbers for the engineering, business, and nursing programs  All are likely higher.  Of course, there are exceptions including all those with hooks: athletes, underrepresented minorities, those with connections, some with extraordinary stories and those with top-notch grades in rigorous courses. (valedictorians and salutatorians are essentially guaranteed admission).

Be aware:  if you want to attend UCONN or other Connecticut state schools, excellent SATs are required.