Coronavirus Decisions for High School Seniors

By College Counseling

We have a new service designed to help high school seniors.

The Coronavirus College-Gap Year Decision

Uncertainty has dampened the excitement of heading to college for most high school seniors.  The Learning Consultants has developed a process for leading our clients through the difficult decisions they will face.

For most, the gap year – something that we have urged many of our clients to consider for years – has become a viable option.  Through working with hundreds of students in crafting exceptionally interesting and valuable gap years, we are confident we can do the same for your children.

For some, deciding which college to attend has become more confusing.  In particular, staying closer to home, attending less expensive colleges, and deciding not to attend colleges that may be in danger of closing have made the decision process highly confounding.

Through our expertise and decision-making process, we are confident that we can provide clarity for this immensely important life decision