Crazy but true: Test prep can change the course of one’s life

By SAT ACT Test Prep
How the SAT change one man’s life

A former client was kind enough to recommend The Learning Consultants to a high powered private school in Fairfield County, Connecticut. Three of his children went through our SAT classes so he was a fan.  But he also relayed his own story to the Board of Trustees as he urged them to ensure that the school’s students received the best possible SAT prep.

I paraphrase his speech:

“I was the classic underachiever in high school.  I did well in classes I liked and just ok in classes I didn’t like. In junior year, my mom insisted I do SAT test prep. This was the late 1980s.  So test prep was not as common as it is today. But she was one of those Jewish moms who pushed their kids to success [note: he said with affection and humor] and I found myself doing SAT prep every weekend for a few hours.  I might have been above average at taking standardized tests but I was not a natural test-taker.  But I had an excellent SAT teacher and wound up with a 1420. I gained admission to Cornell which never would have happened had I not prepped because I would have lucky to break 1200.  After Cornell, I was hired as an investment banking analyst.  The only way that happened was I came from an Ivy-league school and the rest, as they say, is history [he is now a hedge fund multi-millionaire].  The crazy thing is my success – or at least the size of my success – really could be traced back to doing well on the SAT.”  He then kindly went on to note how our SAT programs did wonders for each of his children.

College can affect career paths dramatically.  SAT (and ACT test scores) can affect college admission dramatically.  Fair/unfair, Not my concern.  It is what it is and that’s reality.  Register now for our next SAT-ACT Mastery Seminar.