Do you want control of your next world? The time for test prep is NOW.

By SAT ACT Test Prep

Old school doctors were blunt. Years back, my friend’s very overweight dad went to the doctor.  The doctor asked him rhetorically: “do you want to live to see your grandchildren?”  And, then proceeded to tell him that he wouldn’t if he didn’t start losing weight now.  Aggressive advice.  Yes.  But it worked.  He lost a lot of weight and did live to see his grandkids.  He told my friend that he always intended to lose weight – all through his twenties, thirties and forties – but only when his doctor told him  that he needed to do so now did he shift his diet.

As for your teens, you are in the unenviable position of the doctor.  Many have been putting off getting serious about college and test prep. But if they are juniors,  the time is NOW.  Otherwise, they will not have control of their college choice or as I put it “their next world.”

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