Follow the Money: How Top SAT scores pay for College

By General Education Advice

SAT Scores and Merit aid

I used to be far more self-conscious about suggesting test prep.  Highly mindful about appearing self-serving and, perhaps due to a Catholic upbringing, guilty about appearing to seek financial reward.  I still have my hang-ups about appearing self-serving but I  am no longer as bashful about money because there is a direct correlation with test scores and merit aid.   Most of my clients are rewarded sizable merit aid based on the increase in SAT scores that occurred due to work with either our SAT tutors or, more likely, going through our SAT class.

Despite what seems to be abundant knowledge for  “those in the know” about SAT scores and merit aid, many new parents are unaware of the high correlation.   Read the above article and do some research on  your own.   And, then I will gladly help your child improve his SAT scores.