Getting Back on Track: Insight on the Impact of Covid on Your Child – A Free Webinar

By General Education Advice

➢ Is your child struggling to engage with academics as a result of learning during Covid?
➢ Have academic habits slipped?
➢ Have you noticed a change in your child’s mood?

Please join Jean Card, TLC’s Director of Student Mastery, for an informative parent session geared to help you gain insight on the impact of Covid on your child’s emotions, engagement and habits of learning.

This Zoom session with Jean is free and open to the public and will provide you with key takeaways to help your child get back on track!

Jean’s background is unique in that her career spans the worlds of both education and social work/clinical therapy. Jean began her career as a social worker providing home based therapy to adolescents and families. Her ability to forge a trusting relationship with students and families has allowed her to connect with a broad range of student profiles, such as, but not limited to, high performers with anxiety, ADD, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorders, auditory processing, Dyslexia, chronic diseases, eating disorders, grief, trauma, and LGBTQ+. Her ability to bridge academic challenges with social emotional learning has made her an invaluable resource to students and families. She has helped students along the CT Shoreline & Fairfield County, as well as The Williams School, Fordham Preparatory School, The Grove School, and Franklin Academy, and college students.

Available Zoom Sessions:

Thursday Feb. 17, 7-8pm
Sunday March 6, 2-3pm


New Haven/Middlesex parents – Email
Fairfield County parents – Email