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Our SAT Mastery Seminars are back in person (and virtual!)

This is the class that has trained students in the SAT and, in many cases, motivated them to be inspired for the college process.  On that front, we are immersed in college counseling and happy to engage on that front as well.  Covid has certainly taken a toll on the collective psyche of students.  I have noticed that discussing the positive future – the good things about college – seems to shift them upward.
Regarding test prep, we will have in-person class on 
Saturdays in Old Saybrook, 9-12,
Saturdays in Old Saybrook, 12:15-3:15 
Jan. 22-March 5 ($595) 
As for the class itself, I teach what I call the “best practices” of each section.
There are better content and strategy methodologies related to reading/grammar/math sections.
In terms of content, I have always taught more content than any other SAT provider.  So students actually learn grammar and math, among other areas.  This has proved valuable due to the lack of learning in the last couple of years.
I also focus more on motivation/kick-off to college as well as the best practices for self-study, psychological performance, and answering strategy.
and a virtual class on Sundays, Jan. 23-March 6, 9:30-11 ($395)
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As always, we have individual prep.  The most cost-effective/effective prep is usually the class in conjunction with or followed by individual tutoring.
I’m happy to discuss any and all educational issues with you.
Our work during the last couple of years has been more profound and we feel purposeful if we are part of what helps your children at this critical stage in life.