Good News: The New SAT is Good!

By SAT ACT Test Prep

“It was good.” That was the most common report I heard from Shoreline, Connecticut students about the New SAT.  Of course, for most students the new SAT is just the SAT so they do not know what all the hysteria is about related to the SAT overhaul.  But these were students that had taken our SAT-ACT Mastery Seminar for the new SAT but had also prepared with us individually for the old SAT (last given in January 2016.)  Indeed, many of these students had started preparing for the old SAT as sophomores and thus had more experience with the old SAT.

One Daniel Hand High School student who did extremely well on the old SAT – so I thought would be biased against the new SAT – “liked this test so much better.” Another student from Guilford High School who also had scores high enough on the old SAT and thus considered not taking the new SAT. But he did and also reported that “the new SAT is a better test.”