Is your boy unmotivated in school? We are facing an unprecedented crisis.

By Student Mastery

The Boy Problem

If you are a parent of a teen boy, you know or are likely learning that boys are underachieving at an alarming rate.  There are factors that cannot be controlled: while there is a mismatch of our education system with all students, the mismatch seems particularly high for boys.  There are factors that are somewhat in your control: video games – among other distractions – capture an enormous amount of time.  For those that do not have teen boys and think “I would just ban my son from playing”, I’ll suggest that you are blissfully unaware of reality!  There are factors that you can control: ensuring that standards are met.  

The standards are mostly process oriented: study schedules, homework completion, test studying, and all other factors that make up our Student Mastery Program. 

We – primarily Jean Card and I – have been working hard to help our students learn how to be good students. Jean has her office in Madison, Connecitcut and works with many Daniel Hand and Guilford High School students.  I have my office in Old Saybrook, Connecticut and work with students in Old Saybrook, Essex, Old Lyme, and East Lyme.   We both work virtually as well which has been more successful than I would have once thought.  Get help now.