Kick-off to college: Test scores, not sports, pay for college

By General Education Advice

Academic success – not athletic – will ensure the success of your children.

I have seen enormous scholarship success for Connecticut students with top SAT and ACT test scores, particularly in the last 5 years.  Colleges – particularly private ones – are desperate to maintain their student populations. They also need to look “not desperate”! To do so, they need to attract a student body that looks impressive.  Unquestionably, the easiest way to do so: give scholarships to those with top test scores.

I have written about Connecticut sports parents elsewhere who are hopeful that athletics will lead to eliminating college costs. But it is worth repeating for small town Connecticut types who think that star athletes in our small state, small towns get many Division I college sports scholarships. For example, think about football. California, Texas, Florida, Pennsylvania and other big states with football crazed populations have so many top players that even many on Connecticut’s all state first team would have a hard time making honorable mention in those states.  (There was a wonderful notable exception this year. One of my all time favorite students, Luke Schoonmaker, received a football scholarship to Michigan. I actually worry that he’ll give others false hope.)

As for basketball, the lack of diversity alone makes our basketball talent pool shallow along the idyllic Connecticut coasts.  Indeed, outside of lacrosse (a Northeastern, predominantly affluent sport), I have not seen consistent Division I scholarship success in my 15 plus years working with Connecticut families.

If you are concerned about paying for college, follow the money. Test scores lead to college dollars.

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