Motivating Your Child Is First Priority

By Student Mastery

I’ve been working with students for 15 years. At this point, The Learning Consultants has likely had about 10,000 students use our services. Of those 10,000, the most common element separating the successful is not IQ but rather motivation.

When I work with a motivated student, I know that “things will turn out alright.” This is not the case with almost any other criterion. Logical-analytical intelligence can predispose excellence in math. Verbal-linguistic intelligence should lead to top marks in English. Interpersonal ability will lead to social success. Athletic, musical, and theatrical abilities will lead to success in activities. None, however, guarantees overall success as much as self-direction.

Indeed, motivation is such a core component of student success that it became what differentiated The Learning Consultants from other education companies, as almost none focus on motivation. It even led to me finding the time to write a book on motivation: Motivate Your Son.

As a parent, you should help your children develop excellence in math, reading, and writing. You should help instill good study habits. But, your first priority is get your children motivated. And, yes, we can help.