New SAT Test Date For Most Connecticut Public Schools

By SAT ACT Test Prep

Connecticut SAT Spring ScheduleMany Connecticut high school juniors who were set to take the SAT on March 21 received a Noreaster gift: the test has been postponed until April 24.

Why is this a gift?  For most, the more time to prepare, the better.  And, if the students are sensible, they will also sign up for the May 5th SAT administered by the College Board.

If a student is geared up and ready to go for the April 24th test, then she should also be ready for the May 5th test.  Indeed, for most, the first test – if that’s what it is for the student – is often a practice run.  So the April 24th SAT will wonderfully get students ready for the May 5th SAT test.  Moreover, since most students in our Connecticut shoreline area will require the essay for at least one college, then signing up for the May 5th SAT with essay is almost mandatory.

As for further preparation, our spring class with rolling admission  is one great way to prep.